well today it really wasn’t as bad as i thought. haha the kids were so funny. phrases today included

oh snap
peace out *hand sign*

those were said by 2 year olds it was amazing.

but the other thing the guy was there and i’m pretty sure he saw me and he went the other way first and then i think he saw me again i saw him cause i walked right past him and next thing i knew he was gone from there. cause i was super paranoid and looking all around. what can i say? but yeah it made me super relieved.

i got an amazing hug from mel and her kids were so cute they always are. but as they were leaving they both go “mommy i really like amy” SO cute i loved it. and mel is like “i do too” it was great.

but i am still bogged down there is a situation which i’m not sure the other person in this situation is even aware of but i’m so blah about it. it kills me inside and i dunno hwo to bring it up and i don’t know how to talk and if eel so far away from this person and it is just horrible cause he is one of my best friends but ugh i dunno maybe i hsouldn’t do anything or say anything but i feel like there is a huge wall.

in other news i wanted to hang out with people but then i never texted anyone i jsut want hugs i want to be the huggy affectionate person i once was. i want that back cause maybe it would be a little better. but i wish my life was different but oh well. anyway i didn’t text anyone cause i kind of fell asleep on the couch and then wouldn’t get up cause i was so warm and comfy. haha whooops.

we’ll see what happens with tomorrow but i’ll be at church again ack.

i also want to make an afghan crazy i know. considering i’ve only made scarves and some hats that didn’t work. i gave up on them cause i don’t have my books yet. πŸ™ so sad. anyways thats all for now.

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