maybe theres hope somewhere..

well birthday sucked its okay i expected it. but i just wish it didn’t suck as much as it did. i got bailed out on twice. and i was hormonal so it made it worse. the day after my birthday i slipped and ran into the car, stupid slush and i hurt myself. i didn’t really like this week much.

but maybe something good will happen.

i need to stop being so anti-social but you know its sometimes a defense mechanism. and i always revert back to it.

i really miss those i care about most and i wish so bad i could be there for them. one in particular. it kills me really it does. ugh.

in other news. today i fixed up my resume some and sent it off to a lady. i saw the listing on my church social networking site. and so i sent it off not really thinking anything of it cause i don’t anymore. but less than an hour later i got an email back wanting me for an interview so i’m going there on saturday and i’m hopefull just praying thats where God wants me cause i really need to be some place this whole business is killing me inside. so i just pray this will work out. and if not whatever will be the plan will be revealed soon.

i need to make money and go places. i need to get a car and drive and just drive. or go to be with those who need me most. it just has to happen i need to be fine and do things.

thats all for now pray if you would about my possible job opportunity thanks.

34 thoughts on “maybe theres hope somewhere..

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