and oh what fun we had.

or no fun at all. you decide. my verdict is no fun at all! fancy that.

i’m not gonna lie things suck. reallyreally suck lately.

i’m super grumpy and tired and sick of everything.

first of all i was sick the whole month of march i got sick again a week and a half ago i’m better don’t worry but super annoying. then this swine flu? cmon people freak me out more i mean ugh i just hate it.

another thing is i’m really tired of my “friends” they don’t even notice i’m not around for 2 months, but then i get a text yesterday and it was about a bonfire and then i said in facebook status that i wasn’t going. well the text had “be there or be lame” so i put “i’ll be lame thanks” in my facebook status. and then i geta text asking why i don’t want to go. and then its like a huge guilt trip about me not going. excuse me? you’re giving me an effing guilt trip? HELLO YOU HAVEN’T MADE ONE OUNCE OF CONTACT WITH ME AND YOU’RE GETTING ALL HOT AND BOTHERED? uhhhh noooo. sorry it doesn’t work like that.

anyway i agreed to go but then oh get this? no one would give me a ride? haha guilt trip about not going then no ride? sooo much sense. and THEN there ended up being a shooting there so i’m really glad i didn’t go.

another thing that bugs me i’m sorry this is all rant city but its my blog so i guess thats what its for. someone i know is thinking she’s pregnant she has one kid already shes like 7 months old or something. but she thinks she is pregnant and doesn’t want to be. soo she told me brb i’m gonna go fall down the stairs. and i’m all wtf and then later shes like well tomorrow i’ll just go to the park and fall down a lot really hard. holy geez seriously that made me a puddle of tears just thinking about it. it sickens me and i can’t say anything cause she’ll get all mad at me for whatever reason but seriously? SERIOUSLY? she says she’ll resent the baby if she is pregnant cause she can’t absorb all of her first childs baby time. which is absolutely idiotic to me. but you know whatever..

i’ve been super blah/depressed/anti-social lately and i’m just in a hugehuge funk of a mood i dunno what to do to get out of it or if i can get out of it. but i wish i had friends i don’t feel like i fit anywhere. and the friends i do have they live sooo far away i long for them. but it won’t help


oh and i chopped off my hair on tuesday it was a few inches past my shoulder. it is now chin length i lovee it lots.

i dunno if there is anything else to say. church tomorrow should be interesting we probably have new procedures i think i might be stressed tomorrow ackkk okay whatever ohhh parking i’ve done okay with parking i practiced the other day i need to practice more and i reallyreally need a job oi.

k thats all for now later suckas

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  1. Have you been praying and digging into the scriptures for comfort and to help brighten your day up? If not I highly suggest it DAILY. It will help diminish that depression you’ve been feeling. You are beautiful

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