my life is weird. i have crazy dreams.

last night i dreamt that i was suddently going out with ed now ed is this guy i know i dunno how old he is but he has 4 kids. preteen and teenagers. so its weird that i had a dream with him in it and then he said we were engaged and i was alll hoollddd up there buddy. just a weird weird thing.

uhh i’m working on a blanket crocheted squares and yesterday i layed them all out in the order they will be sewn together i need some more so i’ll make those today and hopefully get them done and then start sewing the blanket together it should be cool i’m excited.

i’ve realized that there is a lack of skirts in stores so i just have to make them myself i guess. but i still haven’t checked out jc penny yet maybe someday and i can’t even find short sleeve t-shirts like seriously? thats so weird to me.

also another weird thing suddenly i can drink real milk again its so weird cause it used to give me problems but not anymore apparently.

ugh i keep sneezing and my eye has beeen twitching for like 3 weeks. annnnoying. k i’m gonna go do laundry and work on squares and maybe read a little bit.

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