i just don’t know. i don’t know what i wanted to write about last week i dunno what i’m thinking or feeling right now i’m just kind of jumbled.

oh last week was the street fair that was fun i went out and hung out with people (something rare for me these days) um but it was good.

right now i dunno if its cause i’m tired or other reasons i will not mention. but today was okay i hate trying to find clothes though i mean i don’t have a lot and i’d like to find stuff for cheap i went to some garage sales today after i helped janni with check in at childrens ministry second service. didn’t find anything. i chilled at home for awhile then went to torn. it was okay i dunno like during service i was just kinda blah and after they did this prayer thing and it was super amazing to watch but me i was just sitting there and i felt alone in a sea of people kind of thing i dunno if i’m just crazy or what. but its how i feel and i came home and was sad could be hormones but i dunno. i just don’t effing know. i mean people are all don’t be a stranger hang out with us blahblahblah but do they really feel like that or do they just say it? and why do i feel like an outsider why am i so socially awkward i just don’t know

I DON’T KNOWWWWW!!!!! i’m frustrated and i’m sad and i wish specific people were around for me and they aren’t and that kills me.

in other news i really like cake and i shouldn’t eat it but i couldn’t help myself. thats all for now i guess.

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