life is crazy but i’m slowly learning to love that craziness. lots of stuff has gone one and some i’m not sure about and some i’m just indifferent about.

it makes me sad that i am not talking to some people but i dunno i guess thats how it is.

so weird like my ex best friend messaged me on facebook i dunno thats just weird to me. and its not like i hate her cause i don’t we had really amazing times but we just weren’t the best friends we could have or should have been. i mean we weren’t close everyone thought we were but really we weren’t. only one person could see that and i’m still friends with him luckily we had rough patches but we’re cool and i’m very blessed because of it. i’m blessed by firends that live far. better than nothing right? but anyway back to erica i dunno its just so weird its hilarious too cause like she told evan “when amy and i broke up…” that part just made me laugh cause it sounds so funny. but yeah i mean it was just time for our friendship to end simple as that. and honestly it kind of scares me to think what if that never happened i wouldn’t be the person i am now. and thats just weird to think about.

i really love my friends like i said evan and i have kinda reconnected i mean we had talked off and on but now its like more regular and today he asked if i wanted to fly out and then drive back home with him. hes been in arkansas for a few years and is now getting a divorce and moving back home. so i dunno its something to think about. sounds super fun though i just need to get my ducks in a row before i can find that out. but yeah people are fun and amazing and i feel much happier now.

i need to work on paralell parking super bad. things seem to have calmed down around here which i’m super grateful for.

but church man last week was nuts i dunno what it is but theres a super lackage of volunteers and of the ones we have not showing up at all. so annoying and stressfull. last week i did childrens ministry two services stayed for a bbq after church and then went to a meeting and then i was trying to stay so i could actually go to service but i was falling asleep so i went home. crazy crazy

tuesday i came down with a cold didn’t sleep well that night not much at all really. but then last night i slept for 11 hours i feel a bunch better actually so thats cool.

i dunno if i had more to say. OH i might be doing this blogger book review thing its super exciting to me. uhh i need to work outa nd shed these pounds

i dunno what else really. i’m just excited for september and things to come for once i’m not sad about it and that gives me hope. so thats all i got for now.

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