well since last time we talked oh blog friend. ummm july is over and in my opinion it sucked. but thats just me and my jaded view.

heres what went on on the upside my eye twitch went away. so that was good.

um worked on the blanket which still isn’t done but i’m making progress i would be working on it now but i got tired of it.

we had the hottest week ever in seattle it was super horrible and miserable and i almost cried cause of the heat. i got heat rash also sooo uh goood times there.

last weekend was seafair! it was good times hydroplanes and the blue angels i took pictures also sunsets too. so that was cool.

but during the hottest week ever i went to an interview and got rejected yet again i dunno what to do but i’m so tired of it.

i also kind of got in a tiff with justin kinda still going on but i’m just infuriated and i dunno.

i went to community group for the first time in forever and a day so that was good but weird and i’m awkward. i’m just having awkward issues and poeple issues and no friends here issues.

i dunno i just feel like cussing all the time i don’t want to go to church (not saying i have to but i’m just sayin) i just am a weird jumbled mess and i just want to say fuck it all. well i just did but you get the picture.

i feel like eeyore.

thats all i got for now. until next time blog world this is me signing out.


also i really miss my bff i don’t think hes my bff anymore but i miss him nonetheless. and he’ll always be a bff on my end. <3

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  1. Don't be so sad… try and get out of this funk. The times when you don't want to be at church are the times when you really need to be there.

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