dundunDUN i’m totally tired and loopy and laughing all over the place hilarious.

anyways so lately i’ve been working on my etsy website its kinda i dunno the word for it. but yeah. so hopefully that will be done totally soon. now to think of advertising i need to get on the ball with that. wooot!

in other news so i’ve been going on the bloom forum/socialnetwork/bookclub thing. and i have to say its a super huge blessing i love those ladies a lot and they are amazing. its so great. though i need to start the book like a week ago. haha but i’ve been preoccupied this week i will for sure. even though i’m behind its cool! i’ll catch up super fast.

i need to read more books too cause they are library books and due ackkkk. oh well maybe tomorrow. it shall be done.

i’m kinda stressed about some things mainly justin moving here cause i dunno just the whole thing stresses me out and it kinda freaks me out too. its gonna be a super huge transition for me.

other things make me sad like evan i guess i kinda thought when he moved back it’d be all instant bff and we’d hang out a lot and talk a lot. but i was wrong in that cause i’ve talked to him once and hung out with him once and those were on the same day two weeks ago. kinda disheartening but such is life. i guess the guys are better. it also baffles me that i was looking at my buddy list on aim/msn/yahoo. and most of them are guys and i was all “huh” how did that happen. haha kinda weird.

not quite sure about that. but anyways i’m not sure what to write anymore at the moment so i should probably wrap this puppy up. feel free to comment and i love you all my new followers from bloom! what are we? blossoms? or bloomers (HAHAHA) i dunno but either way you’re amazing.

goodnight until later!

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  1. goodness, I once had that revelation (about only having guy friends, or at least the majority!) I remember thinking I'd never grow up and get married if I was "buddies" with all of the guys. Buttt… LOL I married one of my best friends. It's crazy how things work out but God has a plan for every little detail of your life. Enjoy it for now! You have a ton of "brothers" to watch out for you as well haha

    I totally agree about how awesome the girls at Bloom are! I'm loving it there!

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