oh for the love of cheese! i do love cheeese i am kinda random at the moment.

i don’t remember when i wrote last so i don’t know whats happened but i was probably cranky cause i had a hugehuge cranky state. but i have snapped out of it. and no matter how much things suck right now i’m okay. which is kind of weird for me but lately i haven’t been cranky and i haven’t cried a lot and i’ve just been in a generally good mood even though i was pmsing and am now on my period so thats really kind of baffling to me. but i’ll take it!

i also started reading psalms with alicia we get on msn and discuss the chapter but we haven’t done that in awhile we’ve been busy.

this just in i broke the dishwasher and don’t know how to fix it so i just turned the power off of it on the break wooooo.

aye yi yi

in other news i miss my friends. but justin is moving up here soon woooo! i never thought it’d happen and now it is and it kinda scares me haha oh well.

AND i have this friend anna shes great shes married and has a little girl named october (SO STINKIN CUTE) and i found out the other day that she considers me an auntie for october and it was so exicting to me so i’m auntie amy! how cool is that it has made me so giddy all week. now she just needs to move her little fam over to this area she really wants to then it’ll be golden i tell you GOLDEN!

reading is fun, and i’m so over the whole crocheting thing right now. i need to sell my jewelry and my scarves but i’m not so sure how i can pull that off. it hasn’t worked so well so far so i dunno. gotta plan!

also i have joined this blog book club thing and i think i’m pretty stoked about it and right now i made a few friends already its fun i love it! i guess thats all for now. i have to think of my dilemma and finish doing my nails and then go to bed gotta get up for church wayyyy early cause i gotta walk oh bother. anyway til next time suckas!

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  1. Hey there Aimy!! Sorry, we didn't get to continue our chat the other night, on bloom, I don't know what happened. I am praying for you and your friend!! …. Sometimes we do have to step out of our comfort zones, and once you do; boy, the rewards are usually bountiful. But, only you can decide when it is time to leave your comfort zone. I know Jesus will walk with you each step of the way when you decide to go visit your friend.


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