oh the struggle

right now i’m struggling my friend who got hit and is recovering well she can have visitors and two of my friends have asked me to go with them now. but i just can’t do it. i can’t go and see ang when shes not ang i dunno i feel sorta like a douchebag for it but i dunno ugh its frustrating me cause i feel guilty but even the thought makes me tear up and i dunno what to do i mean i know its right for me to not go but its still hard. i dunno ughhhhhhh

in other news i went to community group today it was good and my back hurts that is bad.

and i’m awaiting the book to come and i should read my library books but off to organize my music i go! until later folks!

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  1. Oh yes! Amy with an "i" because there are too many amy michelles, of course i remember you 😉 It has been so good to have a group of not-so-random ladies to chat with, hasn't it? i'm stoked about crazy love in general. I am so sorry about your friend. Glad that she is recovering to where she can have visitors, but sad that she is not yet "her." You don't need to feel bad, though, because you can be a supportive friend without actually being at the hospital. The fact that you are so perplexed means that you obviously consider this friend very highly and only want what is best for her. If that means you think you should stay away for a while, than that's okay, I think. I'll "see" you around 🙂

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