and what fun we will have

so its beena while and i know that but i’ve been so super busy lately that i can’t even take time to have myself think. it might be a bad thing or a good thing i’m not entirely sure yet. haha. anyways i’m sitting here listneing to matt hires and having this super obnoxious old man raspy smokers cough. hahah oh what fun.

but lately heres whats gone on. i’ve freaked outa nd freaked out more and more and more. and almost lost it. but i got it back don’t worry. um things have been good for the most part.

i cannot even express how cool it is to have a best friend actually here i mean i was sooooo scared and apprehensive about it before but now psh that all flew out the window. its amazing! LOVE IT!

but i need a job.

dude i felt like i had so much to say but at the moment it slips my mind. like i was so used to being such a depressive person and justin came and now its like i’m happy but that is scary cause it hasn’t been like that in a longlong time.

i think parts of me left with him when he left and now they are back like the part of me that hugs everyone and gets affection that part is back. and the laughter a lot of the laughter is back. i wish the cough didn’t come though. haha anyways yeah i’m looking for a job now and hopefully will find one so i can get my life in order.

and today i saw some friends i didn’t expect to see and it was glorious also church this morning involved us talking about the office instead of listening to the sermon like we should have been down at the CM desk. ahhahaha. and then we joked about being co-managers of the desk. oh man it was great times i love those people! thats all for now.

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