oh hey 40th blog post how are you doing? oh you want to hear a story? okay i’ll tell you a story about a dream!

last night i had a dream. and if some of you know me well uh you know i have kind of insane dreams.

well i’m not sure how it started really but the part i remember it starting was i was on the top of a like moving truck. and it was driving and we were in some foreign country for something i dunno what for. but thats how it goes in my dreams. you kinda just don’t ask with me. haha

sooooo we were driving but then we got to the place where we needed to go keep in mind i’m still riding on the top of the truck. and we needed to go through the wall so we went through the wall once it wasn’t too low so we damaged anything. then we were in a warehouse type of thing still on top mind you and then we have to go through another wall but that one was lower and the truck was higher. so it broke the top of the truck and the wall. and i flew down to the cab of the moving truck and then after i was like “MAN THAT WAS AWESOME!” so weird right? hahahah anyway it ended up we were at some venue of a band. in the band were colin and micah was there and hans (this are the guys i got robbed with few years ago) and they were in the band and colin was talking to the band manager and stuff and everyone including people from my community group were going somewhere. so we piled in cars. i went in hans’ car. behind colin so we were driving but we left and went to a pit stop and then we all went to the bathroom we did this anti-bacterial stuff before cause we were in a foreign country and we went to the bathrooms but there were guys in the girls and it was kinda weird. but the stalls weren’t big enough so i kinda fell over the toilet anyway after i was done i was totally paranoid about people leaving without me and then i had lost my flip flops and the floor was wet and it was gross. it also was a McDonald’s go figure. anyway so i finally got out but then my phone rang and it woke me up from my weird dream.

haha oh man. anyways yes entertaining right? i thought so.

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