so last night i went to a party. so unlike me it took me awhile to say yes but my friend ashley asked if i was going so eventually i said yes i was so nervous about going cause i tend to be a big hermit but it was fun so that was cool. haha oh the laughs. it was good times for serious.

lately though things have been kinda sucky. dad is having medical issues. one of our cars broke down. so we had to have grandma cart us around. then we have thanksgiving coming up so its kinda like AHHHHH. time to freak out.

thursday mom and i had hair appointments so we had to have grandma take us which lead to taking her out to dinner cause it is her birthday soon. so we went to red robin at one point while we were ordering mom was telling the waiter the check situation soo then grandma was like what your paying for me? and mom is all yeah its your birthday. then later as we got our food and we were almost done. all the waiters and waitresses come over with a sundae and sing. and grandma was all did you set this up and we’re like noooooooo it was so shocking and scary it was funny though. haha

i really love having a bff here but i haven’t seen him in three days so that kinda sucksssss

i just realized i don’t have much left to talk about now. so i’ll cut this short.

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