so yesterday i had a doctor appointment and i got blood drawn to run tests and i wasn’t pleased about any of it but it has to be done i suppose. maybe i’ll get hair back fromt his cause i’ve been having thinning hair and what not. and i have to lose weight for serious doctor said.

but anyway so i went to bed i think i was super anxious and it doesn’t surprise me but then i had super crazy dreams. and a super tossy turny kind of sleep night.

but then the dreams okay so one i had with my ex best friend and her family in it i dunno in one part they werep ainting but her mom was sick and puked in teh bathroom and i was gonna shower but she barged in to puke. then somehow the shower was outside and it was some weird kind of out house thing and all i wanted to do was go to church and get out of that house cause it was so weird her being there.

and the other part of the dream was i was at a church and my cousins wife and baby were there and he was apparently missing so i took the baby and was holding her then some guy came and asked if the reward for it was true. and then he said he was face down in the water or something and my cousin was like well i guess he didn’t know how to use his boat and she went off to go see for serious. and then i went up to try to get the baby down for a nap. but i had to go find her diaper bag and then jon gosselin was up there with some kids and was asking what was going on and i thought WTF?! then a little after i woke up.

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