happy new year?

is it?? i’m not sure yet. but then again its not the new year here as of yet. i would write about things that happened this year like everyone else but i haven’t given that much thought as of yet. right now i will tell you what has happened today.

my mom decided when she got home from work that she wanted to dechristmas the house. so we undecorated the tree and the windows and stuff. well she wanted to take the tree out and she can’t do it herself so she roped me into doing it which resulted in lots of things gone wrong and it not working right. which is hilarious in itself and then we started kinda screaming at each other. hilarious again. but then when we finally got it out of the tree stand….. well we were trying to get it out of the door and part of it got stuck so i screamed a bit. then we finally got it outside but i thought we were gonna set it down in the yard but she didn’t have that same idea. and so we had to go out of the fence. but part of it got stuck and she kept going so i screamed and then it was loud so like the neighborhood could hear hahah. and there was a person walking down the road and they laughed at us which i thought was funny. it was like mom kept going and the tree didn’t and she tried to pull my arm off haha. so after that happened my mom went to get the broom. i was walking past her but she stuck her butt out in the way and whammed me then we laughed and i was like “what the crap are you trying to do to me?” then she was sweeping the carpet which actually worked better than i thought. i was pretty amused.

then we all became super irritated for no apparent reason. but thats where we are right now i’ll think of another entry for later. maybe tomorrow. who knows when inspiration may strike


i have also been made aware of a broken blood vessel in my eye. haha bff asked what was wrong with my eye but i didn’t know what he was talking about cause i obviously can’t see it haha. then mom gasped when i went to ask her a question then i finally saw it after some maneuvering. hahha its kinda gross but i wish it was a bigger section cause i’m weird like that. i should get a picture of it.

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