lots to cover

i need prayer for clarity on a subject. God knows what it is i don’t really feel like giving details.

since i last blogged i’ve gone to the doctor found out i was anemic, vitamin d deficient and i have a slight thyroid problem. i’ve also been told i need to exercise which i already knew. but i think since taking the suppliments and vitamins i’ve been taking i feel like my stomach has gotten  smaller. but i guess we’ll see about that i need to work out tomorrow for sure.

things are good though i think. i’m just baffled about some situations but its not a bad baffle its a good baffle.

i’ve lost track of what else i want to say but i realize my birthday is in 2 weeks and thats so weird i dunno what to think about it i’m just kinda blah about it. ah well. what can ya do.

20 thoughts on “lots to cover

  1. Thyroid problems are certainly a scary thing. I have known 3 people personally who have struggled with having that. I pray that you will be able to excersize and eat well so the problem can perhaps cease if possible. as for anemia. . I am anemic too so I know what that is like. I get dizzy a lot. hopefully you wont.

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