another sunday

it is a weird thing i was doing the role of three volunteers for so long that now i am back down to like a 1 volunteer role its so strange to me its almost like i feel naked. the sermon yesterday was on serving and calling poeple to serve and thanking those that do. i didn’t get to hear most of the sermon i was being service lead for the 11:15 service i was filling in for momma janni. and i was volunteering at the 9 am service in the toddler 2 room as usual.

the day started off not so well let me give a bit of backstory.

saturday night my neighbor texted me asking if i could babysit at 9:30 so i said sure why not. i go there and she says yeah i’ll be gone for an hour, hour and a half tops. so i’m like okay cool. justin came over for a bit but he was falling asleep so he left. before he left she texted me saying she was almost on her way. this was at 11 something. so the whole 1 hour thing turned into 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so bored and tired and she didn’t get home til what 2:20 am. and i had to wake up at 7:30 the next morning. i was really frustrated. she also came home half drunk so she was kinda loud and i dunno i tried to humor her but i guess i just don’t have the same type of humor at things she said where “effing hilarious” i just wanted to go home and go to bed.

i digress

so i wake up so exhausted no surprise. and the day actually went better than i thought. the two year olds were actually pretty good. i do have a few quotes cause its just hilarious…

we somehow got to talking about pizza and this gem was exposed…

“my favorite pizza has peptoroni” -casey

then sophia my dear sophia who is so stinkin cute. she pushed someone and i asked her why she did that and she said “she was in my area” she hand motioned where her area was. and i was like “your personal space?” and shes like “YEAH!” in a happy excited tone. and i’m just like okay well don’t push just say please can you move. or something like that but it was cute and i laughed.

then i was talking to sophia asking her if she was being nice. and then another kid pops up next to me and just moseys and is all ” i’m not being mean!” so cute.

anyway the service ran late so then i had to show kelly some things then i never made it to the meeting for the second service. ah well so i didn’t really know the status of volunteers or whatever haha oh well i just sent kids to the rooms. during the service sometimes i check in with people in the room. then i commence with stealing vivi cause shes my favorite. i love her shes so stinkin cute she also really wanted to be stolen by me. awww love it!

anyway the day wasn’t very exciting after that. went home hung out justin left came back a few hours later we hung out. and that was basically it.

today i hope to get a lot done lots of things i’ve meant to get done for awhile. work out maybe practice my parking. i need to return library books.

God is good like seriously i’m so blessed by all these amazing people i love it.

i don’t think i wrote about this last week but i finally went back to my CG (they begged me after 3 weeks i was gone they said nothing funny how that works) then i go back and they annouce in april our group will be disbanding and i’m like wtf was that about? i mean i dunno its pretty funny but also kinda pointless. so i dunno what i’m gonna do.

but even so i have amazing friends who i love dearly. i have run out of nonsense to type about so until later my freinds!

does anyone even read this? comments! yes! GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!

33 thoughts on “another sunday

  1. that is very sad that you were taken advantage of to babysit as you were. wow. I'm sorry you had to endure such a thing. I am glad that the sermon really made you feel better and such.

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