oh sundays you are crazy

so sundays can be kinda crazy for me i’m at church for at least 5 hours a sunday.

i watch 2 year olds for the first service and then do check in for the second service and go upstairs to actually go to service after check in. which is usually 25 minutes after service starts that i’ll actually be in service then.

the last few weeks certain 2 year olds have been complete monsters. so i wasn’t really sure what today held and what would go on. haha sometimes it kind of terrifies me. so when i got hit in teh head with a toy i kinda didn’t have any other hope for the day hahah. i did get two valentines from my kids in the room it was cute. so yeah i was kinda scared about the rest of the time but it redeemed itself by my dear sophia. she is my shaddow basically. i was talking to her during fishy time and asking if she knew how to use the big girl potty yet. this is how the convo went

“sophia do you know how to use the big girl potty?” -me
“i have a little potty” -sophia
“oh sorry my mistake do you know how to use it” -me
then this happened
“when i am a big girl i’m gonna use my mommys tampons” -sophia
“what?!??!” -me
*looks at me like i’m crazy* “i’m gonna use mommys tampons” -sophia

i tried so hard not to laugh. but that little girl cracks me up. i love her to death. she is definately my favorite! hahaha. that for sure redeemed the day. when i told her mom she laughed so hard and was like ohhhh man.. hahaha thats apparently sophias topic of choice as of late.

anyway the rest of yesterday was fine hung out with bff of course. cause we’re always to gether we’re kind of attached. we watched hoarders and went to staples and then watched the rest of hoarders haha i love that show its so fascinating to me. i’m weird. then bff went to church i was home alone i read for a bit played some games thennnn everyone came back. and bffa nd i watched music and lyrics. goooood times

things are changing haha i don’t want to elaborate too much but i’m excited and a lot less scared than before.

also i am not service lead anymore HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m stoked i don’t have to do that anymore. i mean i didn’t mind it sometimes but it got to me having to do all that. but i am free from it now! love it.

thats all i got for now. tonight is CG haven’t been in a month haha whoops. we’ll see how that goes.

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