the last few days

well thursday justin and i went to that other CG and its amazing i love it there i feel better there than my own CG good thing mine is disbanding hahhaha. so i will probably go there for CG even though its farther away i don’t care its people i love. the end.

we watched a movie called doubt i dunno it was weird i was mostly watching vivi cause she kept doing funny things oh to be a toddler. justin and i had a few little tifs then but we’re fine. i was so tired but thursday i did have some great paralell parking times i did most of the ones i did great! i was stoked. but i was also frustrated and i had to go to the dmv yesterday.

so i went to the dmv i was there for two hours and i had to wait and wait and wait cause i had to apply to get my drivers lisence whatever that means. it means they took 20 bucks from me thats what it means and a whole two hours of my life! but i digress i finally got my number called and i paid my 20 bucks and made an appointment for my drive test which is on march 17th. hopefully i’ll do good i’m gonna brush up on my drivers manuel and practice parking more and hopefully i’ll be able to pass the first time. oh i pray i will.

later on i walked home in the rain i stopped at target which ugh i dunno i’m not fond of target its just the memories. but i got some stuff and was going to leave but i got one of those surveys on my receipt and the team lead was all flocking to me “do you have time to do this now” blahblahblah i was just like “GETMEOUTOFHERE” i’m not fond of when people swarm me haha.

justin came over later and we had some good talks and a bunch of craziness and we watched a movie it was a pretty good time. love him!

now i’m just blogging on this gloomy day i’m gonna go shower now though and read my book. good times gotta love it! the dog is giving me a stare down sorta creepy ah well. til later people!

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