^ there is the link to kellys korner blog if anyone would like to check it out. i love her blog.

the last few days have been kinda crazy well thursday was CG and justin and i had been getting sick and stuff but we went anyway it was good. didn’t get home til wayyyyy late but that was fine. friday i dunno i kinda didnt like friday nothing went well and we went to the drug store and the manager was super super rude to my mom and the pharmacy was so stupid. i don’t really remember what we did after that except go to the store and then hang out here after.

saturday my sickness was at full force then and we were having company over so i did errands with mom practiced parking and then went home when dad was cooking we were smelling a burnt smell and we thought it was just the rice burning in the pan (he was making fried rice) but in the end it was the pan was burning and the rice had this smokey smell and flavor it wasn’t very enjoyable and we were pretty sad. but we made the best of it our friend made us homemade hot fudge sauce and we ate ice cream. then we played taboo and laughed our butts off for a long time i got a headache i laughed so hard. then justin and i watched 30 rock and the office.

sunday well i didn’t feel like i should be around the kids and get them sick so i didn’t go to first service i came for second service to do my other volunteer thing. then justin and i hung out at home for awhile. we went on a walk and we talked about a lot of stuff and we’re pretty exciteda bout what is to come in the future..

so since my drive test is next wednesday (the 17th) stil working on parking and remembering other things so thats what is going on this week i think i’m okay with it but i’m still worried about not passing i just pray that i do. today i also didn’t see justin which was kind of hard cause we’re pretty much always together its so weird sometimes its like i can’t focus if hes not around when he normally would be. i tried to read one of the books i am gonna review but i just couldn’t focus really. i felt better when i talked to him later on though.

maybe i’ll have more to say later but i’m tired and bed is calling my name. i am now at the stage of a cold where i have a tickle in my throat and the old man cough. not a constant old man cough but one nonetheless. until later my people!

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