been a few days

well its been a bit since i blogged last and not a whole heck of a lot has been going on. its just crunch time for practicing for my drivers test which is on wednesday (the 17th) so i’m kinda nervous kinda worried. but i’m pretty positive about it at the same time. my dad and i had tailed some of the tests at the dmv haha and it was pretty quick and simple so i’m hoping i won’t screw it all up and be able to pass on the first try. pray for me if you remember it.

justin and i skipped CG this week cause really we just wanted to have time alone we had some issues of getting along a bit and we just wanted us time which was really good for us. friday we had time alone again i don’t remember what else went on. i am working on reading the book review book for next week so i probably was reading that.

friday i was practicing with dad and was all “well we can practice some before i leave tomorrow” and hes all leave? and i was like yeah  so he wanted to know where and i told him “oh a movie with justin” and hes all “so you’re gonna have a hot date” and i was like “yeah.” ahhaha it was so baffling to me to hear that out of his mouth. so i kinda didn’t know what to do or say. but anyways to the “hot date”

i met justin downtown at the theater we saw valentines day. it was good but i was tired and kinda blah cause my monthly friend came to visit. (hooray…..) but i digress. so we watched that then we were hungry but wanted food asap but the restaurants around were super expensive so we waited for the bus and went down to the west seattle junctiona nd got mexican and boy it was great. but while waiting for the bus this guy comes up and hes this heavyset black guy and he was all “hey miss lady.” and i think he said sir to justin but i don’t remember. but he wanted change to get a hot chocolate hahaha. it was so funny he had bumble bee striped socks it was so weird. but funny.

then after dinner justin and i were talking while waiting for the bus again and i was so uncomfortable and bloated and i was just like i want to go home and warm up and get in my sweats. and hes like “i really like it when you wear sweats” and i was kinda shocked i mean he does like that and me without make up and likes things that i don’t nessicarily like about myself. haha hes totally a keeper!

today was church day so i got to serve! i was kinda bummed that sophia wasn’t there but it was cool i just haven’t seen her in a couple weeks. ah well. but anyways i wasn’t sure how it would go cause of daylight savings time. i want my hour back btw. but i mean the kids were really good we only had like 11 i think. but they were all really goood. here are some quotes.

” we are gonna make an easter basket then go trick or treat and say thank you” – casey

“thanks buddy” -casey

i walked out of the hallway and found jacob and his dad and so i said hi and how are you to jacob and he came up with this gem..

“i am not feeling nice today”

i died laughing it was pretty classic.
welp thats about all for now i hope you are all great. and i hope to welcome new readers soon i shall get to reading that book now. see ya!

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