fire alarms, wind and cherry blossoms

that was the summary of sunday haha.

sunday i drove to church by myself for the first time kinda intense. and i totally was late too hahahhahahha whoops. i sorta hit every red light ah well then it took me forever to park and then i parked in the lot that was sooooo far away and right when i got out of the car it started to pour down rain and i was like what the crap is that how this is gonna go?

things were going okay but then i was the only one in a room the t-2 room. tim came in and then not long after that…….. the fire alarm went off and i’m like wtf?!?!?! so we were attempting to move the kids out cause well thats what you should do right ? and then we got told to stay in the rooms. but even so it was kinda chaotic kids were screaming and crying they wouldn’t all go in one line then i realized dude we totally need a rope or something. but i digress. it was just a kid that accidentally pushed the alarm in another room. all was fine.

later on we had these gems from my kids….

“i have a spider in my basement and its dead” -sophia
“its a ballcano” -soren
“i’m not a goose, i’m soren!” -soren (they were trying to play duck duck goose.)
“where are you going?” -me “elmos”-eli

haha those kids are so hilarious i love them.

anyway then later on in the day i dropped mom off at church went to the park with the boy and we walked around and took pictures it was good but sooo windy. and the cherry blossom trees are delightful i love them.

yesterday we went walking on alki with mom alki is a beach around west seattle for those who do not know. and its SO pretty and especially yesterday we walked 2.4 miles wooohooo gotta get this weight off. and it was so pretty and picture-worthy.

found out an ex is getting married i’m not sure how i feel about it but i mean its not like its my life but whatev. thats about it

tonight the boy and i are gonna go to taco tuesday hopefully and i need to run some errands before that so i hope we aren’t tooooo late but we’ll see. goood times!

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