oh drivers tests

well i meant to blog the other day but that just never happened.

had my drivers test yesterday and i am now a licensed driver! hooray! it was super nerve wracking my face is all broken out from all the stress. and i did a really hugely bad curb shot during my test but i did a perfect parallel parking job! wooo!!!!

i can’t really drive though because i don’t have insurance sooo thats kind of a bummer but its okay gotta roll with the punches. and my picture is super cute!

almost done with the book review book i have and then i have to start another book wheee.

lets see what else

oh my hair yes i noticed the other day i put my bangs up to clip them and before when i did that i noticed baldness cause i found out i was anemic and vit d deficient and had a slight thyroid issue. so that was the reason for my thinning hair. but recently it has seemed that my hair is starting to grow back so thats pretty exciting. and especially now i can clip my bangs up and it doesn’t look bald! i’m pretty stoked about that. i have to go to the doctor soon though to get another blood test to check my levels and see how we are doing.

got a hair appointment on saturday stoked about it. also going out to dinner with a free meal coupon at claim jumpers.

skipped CG again i just have been so stressed and justin and i needed to have alone/downtime really. so he napped here and then we hung out and talked. it was good we needed that. last night was sorta blah/really intense so it was good we talked and now we’re better than ever.

i think thats about all i have to say leave comments if you want. but please do i feel like i’m talking to no one!

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  1. Congrats on the drivers license!!! I know that taking that test is sooo nerve racking..I'm sure you are glad that it is done and over with 🙂

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