i always look forward to them no matter what kind of craziness i endure because i get to serve in CM and i love those kids with my whole heart they bring so much joy. even though sometimes i may complain about one kid that is causing a ruckus it doesn’t overshaddow the ones that bring me joy and the encounters i have with all of them. i wouldn’t change it for the world. it especially makes it that much better when i get a note like this from a parent.

“Hey Amy,
So, we obviously went looonnnngg on a counseling appointment, but when the Spirit moves, I guess who am I to stop it! Truth be known, we totally lost track of time and didn’t think to have made other plans as no one thought the meeting would go that long.

The gals in the toddler room said that you had picked Madeline up and then dropped her off again for her second round. Thank you so much for looking out for them! Then at lunch Madeline said, “I clean up with Amy” and that she got to play with you. Together we thanked God for you and for your care. How come kids just know who is kind and who loves them?! I have a lot to learn from my 2 1/2 year old!

We all love you and are especially thankful for you today!
Love, HJ “

i know i’m in the right place when i get a note like that for sure.

yesterday was kind of weird i only had 12 two year olds usually i have at least 18 so it was just a bit strange i also didn’t have my shaddow sophia or the one that likes to stir up the most craziness casey. it was just a quiet day with the toddlers i think i was out of the room half the time with potty breaks though. super crazy i do say.

they are so funny though. the quotes from yesterday are. H was fake crying so i ask her “does that fake crying ever work” and she just said “no..” haha. then i took carter to the bathroom and he looked at the potty seat and hes all “that elmo hes a pretty cool/funny guy” i just couldn’t help but laugh.

i’ve had an ear ache and other nonsense the last few days today i have i dunno i efel so stuffily and i think its cause i still had fluid in my ear from a long time ago. and its all coming up and the body is just a weird thing. hah. but i’m trying to feel better and i have managed to pull a muscle in my butt. how that happens i honestly have no idea.

things with justin are good/hilarious. we watched fun with dick and jane last night haha funny movie. i am blessed to have the friends i do i wouldn’t change it for the world right now.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours! That's such a nice note from Sunday. I have a little classroom too and I love my kiddos at church. They sure are funny!

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