i thought this would be fun and i found this one through and in light of all my new followers here you guys and you can get to know a little bit of me!

a. area code: 206

b. bed size: queen i gotta have room to sprawl out you know?

c. chore you hate: dishes

d. dogs name: lilly

e. essential “start of the day”: i always go to the bathroom when i wake up

f. favorite color: turquoise

g. gold or silver: silver for sure

h. height: 5’3

i. instruments i play: i can play a little guitar i sing, i can play a few songs on piano but thats about it.

j. job: i do not have one of those right now.

k. kids: i don’t have any of my own but i love my church kids.

l. living arrangements: i live with the parents

m. moms name: linda

n. nickname: aims, aimers, amykins

o. overnight hospital stay: i have had one before.

p. pet peeve: when people honk at me or cut me off when i’m just following the rules

q. quote from a movie: “totes mcgoat”

r. righty or lefty: Righty

s. siblings: youngest of 2

t. time you wake up: it varies

u. underwear: yes i wear them

v. veggies you dislike: broccoli

w. ways or reasons you are late: usually when i’m waiting for everyone else or i hit red lights on the way.

x. x- rays: i’ve had them yeah.

y. yummy food you make: i make most of the dinners in the household and most of it is pretty good. i can’t just pick one thing.

z. zoo animals you like: penguins!

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