its been awhile since i wrote an actual post

well first off i want to say hey to all my new followers its great to have you and feel welcome to leave comments for sure! cause i do love them!

wow it has been a long long while since i wrote. well lets see driving has been good i do yell at poeple sometimes when i drive though haha but who doesn’t? its pretty humorous.

things with the boy are going really good. we had a pretty amazing sunday i was happy with it.

the new Community group is going really well the boy and i like it a lot.

lets see what else well since last week was easter there wasn’t childcare so i didn’t get to volunteer. though i did volunteer at the good friday service which was chaotic. haha. i got back into the volunteering swing of things this past sunday and it was hilarious.

here are some my favorite kid quotes from sunday.

“do you speak a different language? “-me
“yes” -violet. (she was speaking some gibberish)

now Ian he asked if he could sit on the couch next to me so i said sure. and he scooted closer and closer to me. sooo i asked “are you making a move on me? ” and he said “yep” with the cheesy boy smile. it was so cute.

then i asked eli “are you a cheeseball?” and he said “yeah” and then giggled a little bit.

sophia was throwing this stuffed cat thing at me and i asked her what she was doing and she comes up with this gem “i’m bugging you” hahha

at CG a few weeks ago raya was talking about something then she said she was a “caradactyl” instead of terradactyl. and she didn’t bite but she just licked. then she licked her moms hand it was hilarious. she also came up with a dance called the cupcake it was her birthday party the night before. so she demonstrated then after all the kids had a dance party when we were done with CG. it was pretty hilarious.

i guess thats about it for now.

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