the joys of life

well here i am again writing in this dear sweet blog of mine. hoping people will read and comment on my life and craziness. haha i digress.

so the first part of last week was great then it went downhill. things with the boy weren’t going so good i was scared i was full of anxiety i was tired i was allergy-ridden (still am honestly) i was just out of it and so was the boy. thankfully by sunday we were all fine and dandy again. after teh crazy anxiety attack i had on saturday night. whew. crazy crazy stuff.

well in other news i’ve been trying to work on losing weight. the boy says i look slimmed down which is good and i do think my stomach is smaller but i still gotta work on it. i have to find my exercise ball though which is frustrating me cause i don’t remember where it is hah.

sometimes i think that the mail man is withholding my mail haha cause i’ve been waiting for book review books and they haven’t come. i’m also still waiting for my amazon and Barnes and noble orders but no can do. hopefully things will come soon.

i’ve entered contests on blogs and other things today i received a book in the mail and i was kind of confused cause i didn’t order it but then i remembered i had entered a contest to win it and i did. and also i was told i won a purse today i’m pretty stoked about it.

random thing of the day mom and i heard sirens and we have before gone and followed them. today that was the day haha it was exhilarating but then we found the trucks and nothing was happening. at least that we could see ah well such is life.

now for my last subject of this post. is dundundun………. my car! yes that is right my very first car. got it on sunday it needs to be fixed but its my car. gonna go change the title tomorrow. so yeah i can’t drive it but still its mine. i am trying to figure out what to name it! but there are pictures of my pretty cute car! thats all for now. later peeps!

308 thoughts on “the joys of life

  1. awwww great car!! you go girl. That is weird about your mail man but it is possible. I think when I am not home, my mailman does that too, because my tracking of an item said that it was arriving that day and I have a feeling he didn't feel like coming to the door because it was cold that day and snowy. It was odd to me. He probably gets tired of having to come to the door so often, because I buy the cheapest used books at bulk for a penny to a dollar each.
    Congratulations on winning things.
    You put your address out just like that?
    I have won one thing in a blog giveaway in December, but it wasn't until after I won that they contacted me for my address.

  2. Congratulations on your new arrival! 😉 And good luck in your exercise endeavors. How on earth did you manage to misplace an exercise ball? Those things are giant, so yours shouldn't stay lost for long. 😀

  3. Cute car!
    That's awesome that you've won some free stuff. I've been entering giveaways but haven't won anything yet. LOL.
    Sorry to hear about your anxiety attack. That doesn't sound fun at all but I'm glad that your allergies are a little better.
    Good luck on the weight loss :-).

  4. nice first car!! i didn't realize you were trying to lose weight…good for you. i decided i need to drop a few myself, so we'll see how we do.

    love ya girly!

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