since i last wrote finally got the title transferred so the car is mine. wooo!

the boy and i wanted to go on a walk last weekend but it was not so great weather wise so that was a bummer but we’ve been watching season 1 of lost and that is cool. i’ve seen it but i didn’t remember it so we are going through the whole thing together its so fun i love it. and i love him. he makes me so giddy sometimes its amazing. and we’ve noticed that we don’t really like it when we’re not together i mean thats not so wrong is it? i don’t think so.

i’m excited we have date night soon. and it will be fun. i didn’t see him yesterday he was at school so i can’t wait to see him today.

yesterday i started and finished a book haha it was crazy. but it was such a fast read i’m sure i could have finished it faster if i had just sat the whole time but i didn’t. but either way i finished it so that was cool. now i’m on another book. doing book reviews is pretty fun i kind of love it.

my parents are leaving tomorrow til sunday night its their anniversary so that should be fun for them. hah they gave justin and i a talk the other day. they know about us. and haha it wasn’t like it wasn’t obvious but we know now that they know for sure. not that its a bad thing.

haha on sunday one of the kids kept putting his finger up his nose and i was like what are you doing. and hes all “i have a booger thats stuck” and i was like well it can stay there you don’t need to do that anymore. haha. oh kids.

sometimes people bug me when they talk about the weather its like you can’t ever be happy. so what the sun isn’t out you can still do stuff and when the sun does come out. you complain. oh people you are so silly sometimes.

ugh i started my dreaded period on monday and man this one is a doozy it sure is painful. not that they aren’t all painful but this one especially its super annoying i think. well i dunno what to do with myself now probably go shower and do some stuff probably read. until later friends!

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