a weekend in may

that is what i titled my latest album on facebook but this weekend was pretty dang amazing. i was less distraught as time went on since i lasted posted but it took a bit to get over. on thursday i think i went to costco with the boy and my mom. we dropped off some film to get developed mostly cause we didn’t know what was on it. still haven’t picked it up hah oh well. friday i waited for the boy to come home from school which took awhile. then i made him shower cause he smelled. then we went to the park to go for a walk. it was so pretty and we took our time and just had a nice nice time. we saw a friend nancy so we talked to her for awhile that was good. and then we were moseying on back to the car. there were some crazy people in the parking lot. glad they left.

then saturday it was low tide so back to the park we went and we saw some sea creatures not very much and it got old walking on those rocks. and so the boy and i just sat on a log haha. did that til the rest of them we ready to leave. um then we went to do errands went back to his place. i think we came over to my place after awhile cause his roommates were being obnoxious. haha. story of our lives. we then watched lost

sunday it was low tide again so i went to church and volunteered then skipped second service to go to alki beach for low tide and it was amazing i mean there wasn’t a lot of things to find but it was just nice and peaceful. the boy and i walked along the beach hand holding and walked for awhile. then i had to use the bathroom so we had to walk further we had to walk through kelp and in some places i totally screamed he laughed at me but i swear something crawled under my foot! it was terrifying for me haha. there were other people around when i screamed and i’m sure they snickered but i didn’t really care i mean it was funny but it wasn’t all at the same time! so since we were that far and we were hungry we walked farther and went to eat at an Italian restaurant it was good stuff. then we walked back to the car got a call from my dad where he yelled at me. sometimes i just wish they knew how all of that affects me i mean i dunno it just annoys me. but i walked as fast as i could to get to the car before mom needed it. but i honestly didn’t think we’d be that long but it just happened. i wouldn’t change how it was though cause it was an amazing time of just being together. so we made it home 5 minutes before mom needed the car. whew! but our feet hurt so bad. looked it up totally walked 5+ miles holy crap it was crazy.

oh that reminds me i also mowed the lawn for the first time in my life and it was hard and i was trying to get a work out in where i’d hurt the next day but that hasn’t happened yet so far. even with the 5 miles didn’t hurt at all yesterday when i woke up. though i totally went to bed at 11 on that night. the rest of our sunday consisted of watching lost season 2 almost done with season 2 watching it with the boy is pretty amazing. yesterday i went to his house to hang out for a bit i fixed his puter. um yeah today i got a reply on an ad i posted for a nanny so we’ll see what happens i dunno though. i need to go read a review book and i am boyless today since hes at school. i will leave you with some pictures though!

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  1. I am really jealous of you and your hand holding, low tide beach going. And I'm loving the pic of you and the boy, with someone's pink butt sticking up. hahaha love you 🙂

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