good day people! good day!

today is tuesday which is the boyless day it kind of makes my heart sad. but such is life. i am super grateful for him though. we were talking last night and were like wow thanks for saving me i dunno where i’d be. i mean both of us weren’t in a very good place in ourselves and in our lives and all of this came at a point where we both needed it i guess. and now here we are. i mean we do have fights but in all reality they aren’t that bad and they don’t last long at all. but things are just really good i really enjoy spending time with him. so blessed, for serious i am. and i don’t forget that fact either.

lets see whats happened. thursday i got my new phone and its amazing. the boy bought it for me and is paying my phone bill! crazy blessed i tell you!. also i switched my number well i mean i brought my same number over to tmobile. and then i went to look at my verizon bill and it says i don’t owe anything. weird. but cool. i hope its true. but anyways so there is that. i’m still getting used to the phone. and now am waiting for a silicone case to come in the mail well there are two. it will be sweet!!

um saturday i had to go to my cousins baby shower and boy was it ever boring. man. i didn’t want to go but i had to. i had my phone but most times i just don’t enjoy family sad but true. and they gave me crap about the boy i mean i’ve never said anything about him but i guess they figured it out. we weren’t even all pda-ed up either ah well seems like everyone knows. haha. but anyway yeah that was annoying and my cousin brian showed up to a shower with all girls. awkward he was totally on drugs and got his face fractured in a fight who knows the real story though. its sad but thats just how it is in my family. i’m glad i was brought up the way i was. cause i have never gotten in trouble like that. its hilarious that my aunts had issues with the way my parents raised us but my brother and i are the only ones in the family that haven’t gotten into trouble, drugs or drinking. or jail too. haha. good times!

guess we weren’t raised that badly hah.

i keep waiting and waiting for my mail to come. i am waiting for a bunch of books i am supposed to review but they never come i’m starting to wonder haha. maybe some will come today i hope so.

other than that i’ve been reading a lot of books (surprise? not really) and i’m trying to sell some stuff on ebay. got rid of my verizon phones so that was cool. and now i’m gonna go work out i think. gotta get these pounds off so i can be a hot lady! or just so i can be thinner and fit into my clothes haha. until next time suckas!

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