happy 100th post to me!

100 posts crazy!

lets see her i’ll talk about some crazy things first sunday i was watching lost season 3 with the boy. (we haven’t gotten to season 6 yet he is starting from the beginning so i didn’t watch season 6 waiting for us to get all the way through). and i had gotten myself a Popsicle. i didn’t eat it right away i let it stay for a bit. a little more than a minute. and then i went to suck on it i do not bite Popsicles too cold! and well my lips got stuck my top lip didn’t get as stuck i just ripped it off. but my bottom lip i had to maneuver my tongue til i got it lose. then i wiped my lips and there was blood!!!! i was like holy crap what happened. so i looked and even now i can tell where it got stuck. it was traumatic haha i just didn’t know that would happen. so weird.

next subject my phone! this is the phone that the boy got for me! it is amazing and i love it!:

next up on the special post my car!

my car will go to the mechanic soon! i’m excited i mean i can’t drive it cause of no insurance but still! that will be cool.

i don’t have very much other stuff for my 100 post bash. maybe people will comment? i am trying to get my blog “ranked” on google i dunno really how to do it but i’m working on it. til next time folks!

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