happy robbed-versary to me! 5-19-2006

yeah that sounds weird right? well 4 years ago at approximately 11:30 at night i was robbed at gunpoint with 4 of my friends. it was a crazy time and it honestly did a lot for me. i always remember the date and i guess it could be considered weird that i do but it was a pivotal time for me. and thats basically it. here is what went on.

i had been planning a trip to portland for awhile with my friend seth we were gonna go down and meet my Friends down there friends i met on the five iron frenzy site. we were the “chatters”/”boardies” there was colin (who is a best Friend), hans, dusty (not her real name), and micah (also a really close friend). well last minute seth couldn’t go he was sick and i was like well crap everyone is already on their way so i was scrambling trying to make different plans. thought about greyhound but the parents didn’t like that idea. so my mom randomly decided okay we’ll go so her my bro and i went down to portland it was super random. so we got down there and then went to colins brothers house and we waited for dusty. then we piled in kevs truck and we went to go find hans. got lost and ended up at micahs. i had to pee really bad. but micah had said that his roommates were sleeping so since the bathroom was off their room i couldn’t get in there.. so since we had nothing to do we went to the park. yeah it was night but did that stuff before in seattle and nothing was bad. so we walked to a park. we were playing on teh swings and stuff. i was gonna see if the bathroom was open. but when i was walking there some guy came out from behind the bathroom and it scared me so i went back and told them i didn’t feel right. and then i wanted micah to come with me. haha i picked the smallest guy to accompany me i was weird. but anyways i went there and it was locked.

so we walked to the merry go round thing and everyone else followed. and we were standing around it about to leave…but we couldn’t leave cause the guys in ski masks surrounded us. pointed a gun at us and told us to turn our pockets inside out. they went around the circle took hans’ cell, i think his wallet, colins wallet (he was pissed cause he made that wallet), dustys money, my money and micahs wallet. it was pretty funy cause they didn’t go through girls’ purses only took the money and not colins cell or micahs or his ipod that was playing the entire time pretty loudly. one of them touched the small of my back. i literally almost peed my pants. so after they were done they told us to have a nice night and ran off. and we were like crap did that just happen? we were walking out of the park and colin was calling the police. i fell down a little hill that was in the park and i just laughed cause i didn’t know what else to do. i didn’t cry at all during any of it which is so foreign for me.

so we talked to the police for awhile, keep in mind this is now like 2 or 3 hours that i had to pee. so after awhile of talking to the police we were hugging each other telling them our statements and blahblahblah so we walked back to micahs i really still had to pee so he looked and his roommates weren’t even there haha oi. so i peed and felt better. we were laughing and saying really that just happened? well we have something to tell the board now. so we took some pictures. (post those at the end). and we just talked and eventually we all piled back into kevs truck and went on our way to drop off hans and dusty, colin and i got lost i didn’t’ end up back at the hotel til 3 or 4 am. my mom was freaked out a bit and then i told her what happened. oi. we were grateful all of us were together. so i went to sleep cause we were leaving in the morning. then the alarm went off far too early and it was “temperature” by sean paul that song haunted me for months afterwards it kept reminding me of all that happened.

we made it through and we went to the zoo before going home colin and i weren’t into it though and we were sleeping on the way home. cause he was coming to stay with me for a week, the micah was coming up two days later and we had a reunion and stuff but it was just so surreal but God kept us all safe and nothing bad happened thank goodness. but it really taught me to trust and at that time i hadn’t been going to church for awhile. but it was just so crazy. i’m glad it happened with those people cause that is a bond we cannot break. and i think we are better for it. i didn’t cry about any of it until colin left then i broke down it was insane i had held all that in for over a week. oi.

now for the pictures

colin remembering he had knife:

us squished in the truck

this is our thug pose!

album cover

awww hey we got robbed!

the day after hans had contacted a news station and they did a story on it. we were already in seattle by this point so we were like hey thats not fair. but here is the story!

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