the day of mothers and being locked out

oh hello jolly blog and blog readers. i am back sure i wasnt really gone for that long. i’ve been busy though.

so the parents left and the boy was over a lot. it was pretty fun. the period i had however was not fun its gone now though. lets see what we did.

thursday i know i cleaned and did laundry i am pretty sure we watched lost. the boy is starting from the beginning and i’m rewatching it with him. i don’t know at all what has happened this season yet. but we are now on season two i dont remember what episode though. oh well. he does. we also went out to fred meyers to try to find him pants that never happened then we were just too tired and went home.

friday while he was at work i honestly do not remember what i did. i know i took my brother to work thursday and friday. but i don’t remember really what else i did. i think we watched parenthood on demand. then an episode of lost. i know he was falling asleep and i laughed at his face cause i moved then he woke up and had the most shocked look on his face it was hilarious.

saturday was garage sale day in west seattle so we went out to see what we could find but we got frustrated and tired and just left haha we looked at a bunch but we were just sorta over it. we then went to target and i was over that super quick. got back to my house and then it was gonna be date night but we had sort of a little tiff and then blahness but eventually we did go out to dinner we went to freddys again and we got some puzzles and candy for mom and us. and after we got back we started on the puzzles. we were joking around about how we like such boring stuff and we’re so old. but dude jigsaw puzzles are amazing. it does continually amaze us at how much we do have in common and how perfectly we fit with each other.

sunday i had to go to church and then had to come back early to feed the dog. um then the boy and i were gonna go to the park but to his house first. he had some stuff of his in my room so we were putting that in the car to take to his place. and i had to unlock the car since it relocked after i pushed the button. and well then the boy shut the front door right after i said don’t. and i was like crap cause i only had a car key and no purse no sweatshirt no nothing. and there was no way to get into the house. it was sorta funny but not funny at the same time. so we went to his house i tried to call the parents to see when they would be back. my brother was sleeping and nothing would wake him up mostly cause the phone isn’t up there and stuff. so that wasn’t a possibility. and i tried to call my granny who has an extra key but she didn’t answer her phone. and i didn’t feel comfortable to drive there without a licence. so we just decided to walk to jamba juice. while going there though my lips were super dry and my hair was bugging me so we stopped at target first. we also smelled roadkill that was an experience i do not want to relive. so we had posted on the boys status on FB for my brother to let us in when he woke up haha. it was SO funny i couldn’t even help myself we just started laughing so hard about it cause really it was funny. so eventually we got let in and then we watched lost cause we didn’t feel like going to the park when we had to leave for church in a couple hours. the boy was filling in for my dad where he serves on the production team doing the power point.

so we went there came back and ate our leftovers from the night before and watched lost and did some puzzle action. we surprised mom with her candy and i got some flowers from church she loved it. it was cute.

today was pretty low key. i was gonna read a review book never got there yet though i still have time i’ll probably read before bed. i got one in the mail i still have a long list of ones i am waiting for in the mail. i love mail haha. i also love contests now they are so fun. anyway. um yeah i guess thats about it for now. this ended up pretty long i guess. i’ll figure out something else to write later. til next time folks!

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