since last time i’ve been doing okay with the changes. other stuff has happened and i’ll just write about all ofit now. i dunno why i haven’t written but time got away from me i guess. and i’ve been pretty busy.

so the changes at church, the boy has helped me feel at ease. and honestly hopefully he will be cleared for serving soon then we will be serving together and i’m so excited for that! and i went through the toys got rid of the broken ones. so that is good.

the boy and i are doing really good lately he is amazing and i love him. i am so hugely blessed i can’t even believe it sometimes. i am so happy with things. i am cutting his hair today. i’ve never cut hair before haha i don’t think i’ll screw it up/ but he trusts me enough to let me do it. so i’m happy about it.

still don’t have those books i was waiting for haha its really annoying but its okay. guess i gotta learn paitence.

well my working out streak went okay for awhile but then i stopped. last week i had emailed my doctor about how i was feeling and she told me i needed to have my iron and thyroid checked. so i went in the next day. and the day after that i got my results super quick. my iron is doing better. but my thyroid is really bad its not functioning very well its so much worse than it was before. so now i have a natural perscription and taking an herbal pill too. i just want this all to be over and me to be okay its just bugging me.

last week i babysat for a little boy named soren and it was the first time i sat for that family. it was amazing the kid went right to sleep for a nap and he was so happy even with mom left. he just waved to her and smiled. he is a busy one though. and after that i went to firepit friday with the boy. my friend from church janni has that at her house every friday. food and smores on the fire. its amazing i can’t wait to go for more fire pit fridays. the boy a nd i went so it was fun.

i also got my lisa leonard necklace in the mail. it is SO amazing. i got little hearts one with an a and one with a j for me and the boy and i didn’t tell him just showed him and he loved it! it was great. anyway i think i autta go read a book. seems thats all i do but at least i love it! til next time!

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