ah bugger

i’m just struggling with change right now. change in the church people not being there ugh its so annoying. it really makes me want to jump ship but i won’t. i just feel like doing it. do you ever feel like that?

i dunno it just takes me awhile to adjust and i don’t want to go to meetings i just don’t want to deal with it. i just wish things were different but who doesn’t. maybe soon they will get everything all organized and then the boy will serve with me every other week. which will be exciting.

we had a rough few days last week with fear and blahness and just being rawr with each other. we are over it thank goodness but it was pretty lame and horrible. it does make me feel good that this past sunday when a friend and i were talking she asked if the boy and i were still hanging out and i said yeah. and she was like still platonic and i was like no not anymore and her face got the hugest smile and she was telling me how she hoped we’d get together and it was so amazing and it made me feel great.

i’ve been working on exercising lately i’ve been doing pretty good. i just hope i see results soon.

i’m frustrated a little bit. i got most of my mail but i’m still waiting for some review books and i probably should have had them already but i do not and i dunno what is going on with that really but it sure is frustrating oh the mail its so delightful. maybe today i’ll get them or maybe they got lost? i dunno really. i also wish that people i emailed would email me back. that may be too much to ask though.

i am pretty frustrated lately haha oh well. i better get to reading books. its tuesday so i’m boyless. blah. but i’ll watch hell’s kitchen tonight and hopefully i’ll get a lot read today in that book so i can start the next one i need to review.

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  1. I get sad when people leave the church. A couple years ago we had a FEW families that attended our church for the longest time leave. About 5 families that were there for over ten years. I don't know the actual reason why they left, but I think it is probably lame. I don't like that people leave churches over arguments, because then it brings all these blockades that keeps that Spirit of the Lord flowing. It makes everything so difficult because they can't work on issues with each other and be able to unite in Christ in the body. It causes a lot of people to leave and I hate that. . .because people have to take sides and not want to worship Christ together. It is one of the most depressing things ever.

    Have fun with the hard work of working out. I did that a lot with Dance Dance Revolution and it really helped me!!

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