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Book Review – Sing by Lisa T. Bergren

welcome to another fine edition of book reviews with aimymichelle.. just kidding but thanks for taking a gander!

today i am writing about Sing by Lisa T. Bergren. i will say first that Breathe was amazing! i do also think that the covers in this trilogy of books are SO pretty. makes you really want to read it for sure.

now i have an issue with reading books out of order if they are in a series. so i found Breathe for cheap and waited and waited and waited and it finally came after forever so i was reading it. and i’ve been pretty busy so time got away from me and then i realized i was supposed to post this review only i thought i had one day more than i actually did and even so this is late so i apologize. i am also not finished with the book. i have read a bit into it and i think its SO good already i can’t wait to read the rest and then read Claim. this author is amazing i love her i never had heard of her before but i’m sure glad i got this book to review. i will update with how the rest of the book was. but i am excited to see what will come next.

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