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Book review – The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen

i was so excited when i got the chance to get this book for review. i had seen something on it and instantly knew i wanted to read it. the cover just makes you want to read it so much. at least i think it does. its just so inviting and mysterious and makes you want to know what the book is actually about.

Book description:
Centered on a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina, The Mailbox blends intriguing folklore and true faith with raw contemporary issues that affect every woman.

When Lindsey Adams first visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox at Sunset Beach, she has no idea that twenty years later she will still be visiting the mailbox–still pouring out her heart in letters that summarize the best and worst parts of her life.

Returning to Sunset for her first vacation since her husband left her, Lindsey struggles to put her sorrow into words. Memories surface of her first love, Campbell–and the rejection that followed. When Campbell reappears in her life, Lindsey must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. The Mailbox is a rich novel about loss, hope, and the beauty of second chances.

i really loved this book the characters were amazing and it was just a book that kept you going and going and not wanting to put it down. Lindsey was an amazing character. her and Campbells relationship was pretty crazy but cool how it ended up. not so fond of the ex husband grant but who would be?! to me he felt like a snake! but overall this is a great book

if you would like to check it out go here on amazon

i was provided this book for free in exchange for my review. i was not compensated in anyway. thank you to tbb media for this book!

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