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Book Review – David and Goliath by Bryan Hathaway

welcome to another addition of book reviews with miss aimymichelle. today we have David and Goliath by Bryan Hathaway. for some reason the mailman was hating me, he never gave me books in a timely manner so my book reviews are late. i literally got this book 2 days before the review was supposed to be posted. but i digress. onto the book! it is such a nice cover i wasn’t sure what to expect since i thought it was gonna be a story based on the biblical story of David and Goliath.

but this book was such a good one, a fast read, it gets super confusing at times its a little hard to keep up with at times but that is just me. it was super well written and kept reeling you in to read more and more. i would definitely recommend this it is great! i don’t want to give away the story so i won’t but its just good!

“David Liberty is a broken, lonely, and embittered old man. With his mind still intact but trapped in a failing body, doomed to spend his last days in a nursing home, David welcomes his impending death-his escape from life. All that changes when he is visited by an angel, Joelle, who confronts his past failings and offers David a second chance at life. At first David scoffs, but the chance to renew his body and live again intrigues him. But there is an extraordinary condition: “You will demonstrate to God through your actions that you believe and love Him,” Joelle announces. David must help others reignite their faith so they do not lose eternity. Temporarily escaping his nursing home, David is thrown into the lives of people he begins to care deeply for. He hopes to reunite them with God, but he discovers another obstacle-the angel has removed David’s ability to speak. In addition, David must fight a powerful enemy, who seeks to destroy God’s children any way he can-and David, as well!”

Thank you to Glassroad for providing this book for me to review. all these thoughts are my own and i wasn’t compensated in any way.

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