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Book Review – Unwilling Warrior by Andrea Boeshaar

Unwilling Warrior by Andrea Boeshaar is the first book in the Seasons of Redemption series.

The Cover is so nice. Sometimes the cover makes the book amazing. Other times a cover is good but the book is a stinker. But that is not the case with this book. It was a lot shorter than most of the books i’ve been reading lately. But that was good for a change. The characters are super intruiging. Valerie has such a story and goes through such pain. But in the end it works out for the good with a man who was only supposed to be her guest in the house. Is such a great story and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

“When Valerie commits her own life to Christ she finds herself drawn to Ben, the Christian houseguest in her home. But her father, against her wishes, is prepared to sell her into a loveless marriage with someone else. Will Valerie be forced to abandon her newfound love? Or will she and Ben, against the backdrop of the Civil War, become in their own way, unwilling warriors? “

thank you to glassroad for the copy of the book to review.

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