life is wonderful…

do you ever get mad about how stupid people are? or at how stupid your extended family is? cause i do! and its been happening a lot lately. heres the deal.

so the boys best friend well he and i have a history of not totally getting along. but its because of this. i guess in his mind being a friend means you have to talk to that person ALLL the time. like i would get online and right as i did he would IM and he would call ALLLLL the time and then ask me to call him. but he would tell me i was talking to him too much and it wasn’t healthy haha i was like what the crap. he also said some nasty things to me on more than one occasion. but i dealt with it cause he was the best friend of my best friend. but eventually he didn’t want to talk to him. and i was cool i mean its not like my life is gonna end cause he doesn’t talk to me. in fact i welcomed it cause once he was accusing me of things and telling me i was the source of drama i wasn’t all into keeping the friendship going since i knew it was him and not me.

and fast forward to saturday. the last few days he had been talking to me he wanted to be my friend cause i am going out with justin. fine whatever, i told him i couldn’t make any promises cause he said he wanted to earn my trust or something. but i’m not gonna hand that out willy nilly sorry i’ve been burned a lot and thats just not how i do things. especially with him. and honestly the whole talkin to me right when i signed on thing happened again and i was like holy crap smothering no thanks. i am a pretty quiet person a lot of the time and i don’t have a lot to say and most times i do leave facebook open when i’m not even there. haha. he tries to talk to me and a lot of times i’m not there cause i just leave it open on my puter. big deal but apparently that frustrates him. and heres where it gets good he says hes moving to washington state, and that the boy, me and him should hang out. and really hes not moving close its at least 4 hours driving and i don’t want to go there for various reasons and neither does the boy. but he totally freaked out on me about that. don’t worry it gets better! he always seems to ask me where the boy is or what the boy is doing. the thing is i don’t know why he can’t ask the boy himself because he does text him a fair amount. but somehow i’m the info person. i don’t get it. so i got sick of it and i said this :

“i wasn’t with him at that time. but its totally not fair to me to be asking me what hes doing all the time when you are perfectly capable of talking to him yourself. i’m sorry if that sounds pissy.”

he said “wow” when i wasn’t around. and then get this he defriended me on facebook! just cause i said that. hes so crazy oh my gosh. then he said to the boy that he tried and he put a lot of effort into trying to be my friend but i am drama and he can’t relate to me and then he said later that maybe him and i can be friends when i’m healed. and i’m like healed?! from what? thats super crazy talk its so comical. like what effort? the three times you talked to me? what the crap. oi. maybe he thinks that i am so wrecked with emotion cause he and i aren’t friends or whatever. thats the furthest thing from my head. he is the drama and i don’t really care that he doesn’t talk to me. that could be mean but i am much better drama free. and if he thinks i’m gonna take his crap hes wrong. and he thinks i’m the drama? hahaha right.

next subject my extended family. oh my gosh. so this week my hair was driving me nuts it was overdue for a hair cut. and that was happening saturday so we had to go to my aunts house to drop off some stuff for her. and when we come in. (my aunt has MS and is wheelchair bound and lives in a home.) so we come and she asks me so have you set a date yet? and i’m like uhh what are you talking about. have you gone loony? i don’t know where she got some idea that i was engaged and shes like so you’re getting married soon? and i’m like i am NOT engaged. i just didn’t even know what to say it kinda pissed me off. i mean don’t go assuming you know me and my relationships and all my life. you really know nothing. my extended family knows nothing really and honestly most of them are so dumb. ugh they are frustrating to the core!

oi i don’t even know what to say about them they are just idiotic 99% of the time.

anyways on saturday the boy and i went to a parade. i’ve been doing seattle things i’ve never done before its crazy but it was fun. then i got my hair cut yay! its prettyful. sunday hahah sunday was hilarious. i get a text from justin saying omg i’m hurrying. and i was like what the crap is he talking about. apparently he said he was doing CM every week with me but i didn’t hear that or i didn’t get it? i thought he was doing every other week. so its a good thing im always late was pretty funny. then the rest of the day we skipped church after we served and went to jamba juice and then went back to my house and we played lego batman. later one we washed the car inside and out.

hopefully i’ll have my car soon. i am praying that the SRS unit doesn’t need to be replaced cause thats a pretty penny. so pray it is just an electrical error. my goodness. anyways i think thats all i have to say right now. i’ll be back with some book reviews soon!

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