the pirates are landing!

and i am gonna go. its a seattle thing. i’m excited. i’ve never been to it. and the street fair is this weekend so excited for that too!

well i did end up cutting the boys hair and i did amazing! i was so proud of myself. i did cut my hand with the scissors though. that kinda sucked but what can you do.

i’ve been super tired lately hopefully those thyroid things will kick in soon. um i drove on the freeway for the first time last friday. and that was crazy but good!

i have watched the little boy soren more. so thats good but also on tuesday i watched little miss callie and she is great i love her. i watch her again tomorrow. hopefully it will be a regular two day a week gig. that will make me happy.

what doesn’t make me happy is the heat we are gonna have. i went to get a fan yesterday and got interviewed for the news. so weird. i had a serious case of the stupids yesterday too haha. i went to do the errands after watching callie and i forgot stuff when i got home. like i did all the shopping got back home then was like OH CRAP so i went back to the store haha it was lame. ah well. also with the heat comes the allergies which i’m really annoyed about. cause my eyes are constantly watering my nose is running and its just sorta miserable. but such is life.

i’m sure there was more that i wanted to say but at this point i cannot remember. OH

the 4th. we went to my moms friends house out in snohomish which is like the country land. so it was pretty cool and fun. we came home so we wouldn’t be in traffic but fireworks bug me people are so stupid with them. so i was infuriated. and tired. my granny got a new puppy she is SO cute. so we had lilly go stay at grannys cause we didn’t know when we’d be home. so that was that. but lilly didn’t pay attention to the puppy much. the pup even tried to cuddle with her but lilly just got up and moved to a different spot. haha my dog is so anti-social. well i guess i better go and finish the stuff i wanted to do. until later!

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