you know i’d walk a thousand miles if i could just see you…tonight

thats the song i was listening and i miss the boy and won’t see him today so thats what i used as a title. haha no other reason i just couldn’t think of a good title.

lets see i’ve been really bad at writing but i’ve been busy with the boy and with life. today i’m pretty blah. we had some major heat here in seattle and i hated it. now its back to my 70 degrees and i like it again.

we went to the seafair pirate landing and that was something i’ve never done it was kinda too crowded for me and we had miscommunication so we actually didn’t see it together. oh well what can you do? we went to the street fair also but that was sorta boring. we also started our new obsession which is lego batman on the xbox 360 haha. we decided when we get married we want an xbox and a wii hahha we are such dorks.

i got offered a 10 hour a week (5 hours two days) watching a little girl from church so thats good it will give me enough to pay for insurance and stuff. so i’m excited about it. though i am not finding work for the other days yet and i had an argument with my dad. well more like he yelled at me then i proceeded to cry alone. oh pms you are lovely!

the other night the boy and i had date night. i cut his hair a lot before we left and it looks amazing! i was proud of myself. i love doing that for him cause it saves money. in other news we went to olive garden and saw despicable me it was funny.

sometimes i honestly wish that the boy and i could just go get married right now and be together but i dunno its sorta frustrating.

well i should go and work on some things to get my mind off of it. i cleaned a bit now i will either read or take apart the blanket i made. so i can redo it. good times. i really want to make granny squares but one craft project at a time.

i’m not too terribly exciting these days thats why i’m having a hard time figuring out what to write. hence all the book reviews haha. i have so many books to review. man oh man.

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