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Book Review – Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson

Vanishing Act (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense)

 i was pretty excited to get this book, it sounded soo good! and i was right it was amazing, i love like mystery books. well not so much mystery  more like fast paced i guess. i almost wish it was longer, in fact i really do wish it was. it did get a bit confusing with the main character just keeping names straight. but it was so amazing for a debut book! i loved it so much. if only it was longer haha. i can’t wait to read another novel by Liz Johnson honestly i don’t want to give anything away i wish i could talk about the storyline but you’ll have to see it for yourself! and i hope you will! the moral of the story is go check it out cause its amazing!
Here is the description of the book:
“Eighteen months ago, Nora James watched as her father was shot in an alley—and then she fl ed. She changed her name, her appearance and her job, hoping to keep her father’s shooter at bay. For months, it worked…but now her luck has run out. A ruthless assassin is on her trail, and soon Nora, now known as Danielle, will be found. But this time, she has FBI agent Nate Andersen by her side—right? The handsome agent would give his life to protect Danielle, but he’s wary of giving his heart…until a deadly confrontation leaves him with both on the line.”

thank you to liz johnson for sending me a review copy. i wasn’t compensated in any way all these thoughts are my own! check it out here at amazon! Vanishing Act (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense)

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