sometimes i wish some people would just shut up

i know that seems harsh but thats just how it is right now.

one half of my extended family is just unreasonable i just don’t understand where they get most of the crap they come up with. they are SO mad about the will of my auntie and how they won’t get this and that. i’m sorry but its just STUFF its not auntie you should be more focused on her and how shes in a better place and no more pain but nooooooo they are pissy about the will and the stuff auntie had and ugh it just infuriates me so badly. to focus on the stuff is just insulting to me. they stress me out so much with their nonsense. i have an eye twitch and i am now sick from all of it.

one thing i did try to do well i didn’t want to go to the memorial. plus someone needs to stay home with the dog. so i volunteered to watch the other dogs. my grannys and my aunts. well granny had to say something about that basically i wasn’t good enough to take care of them. fine whatever stomp on my niceness. thats fine. so i was like well i didn’t really want to do it anyways. i was like eh whatev. granny said she wasn’t gonna go then two hours later she calls my mom to piss and moan about whatever else. and how they needed to have the memorial at 11 am so she could get back to her dogs. and i was like uhhh she just said she wasn’t going? what the crap? and then two days later she calls my phone asking if i would watch the dogs. i was SO mad i mean who do you think you are to try to pull this crap on me. i didn’t call her back i didn’t want to. i was too infuriated and i still am. i just don’t get where she comes from with all of this. she talked to mom and said how she called me three times and i didn’t call her back. uh she called me once. but whatev. and even so that day i had a screaming toddler then later i had a screaming 8 week old soooo no i’m not gonna call you back sorry. that probably seems really pissy but i’ve just about had enough of this “family” i say it like that cause really only a select few of my family are actually family to me. grandma is not a grandma to me really. whatever. i just wish they would shut up.

grandma thinks she knows it all and thinks that none of us care about the family or the history of the family. but she doesn’t care to tell anyone. my mom does. so all of my cousins go to my mom asking. but lately a lot of crap has come out about my “family” and its i guess its not surprising but i didn’t see it coming.

i will have to go to grannys to watch the dogs only two other than my own though. but she wanted me there at 7:30 like dogs can’t be alone. but the puppy can just learn to be in a crate the end. thankfully the boy will come with me so i won’t be bored out of my mind. my parents and bro will be leaving on friday to head over there and stay overnight.

ugh yesterday sucked i was service lead and it was chaos 6 people emailed to say they weren’t coming. and  3 just didn’t show up at all. it was RAWR and i just don’t want to do it. thankfully i’ll take a one sunday break soon to go to bumbershoot! kinda excited.

the boy and i have been kinda rawr and sad lately i think everything is getting to us and now we are both sick. its not so fun. we’ll be okay though.

i still don’t have my car… not sure what the deal with that is.

i watched the two boys last week totally didn’t work so well haha. we didn’t mesh at all. i’m hoping something else will come up. but yeah ugh that was a nightmare.

well i guess i better go and get some other stuff done.

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