bumbershoot 2010!

Wow so bumbershoot i haven’t got in years. and i went with the boy. weezer was the headliner at bumbershoot main stage and boy they did not disappoint me at all. they were amazing! i had never seen them live. i had also never seen horse feathers and oh my gosh i was in love! haha i love them they are pretty mellow and stuff but still it was great.  we walked a lot and that was tiring. we also took videos of a lady dancing and here that is. hahaha oh man. anyways we walked around and we went to the store to buy fruit. the food at bumbershoot is so expensive but there was a grocery store across the street. so we went there and as we got across the street this guy stopped in front of us and said ‘fuck you americans” and i was like uhhh. and the boy was all “well i’m sorry for being an american” hah the guy looked confused and sorta walked off. interesting times in downtown seattle thats for sure.

we went to an art exibit thing and you could draw and there were other things there.

the thing that looks like sticks is this sculpture of stir sticks. and there is the cassette tape  art. the one of the guy is what the boy drew. so amazing!

here are some other random pictures from bumbershoot:

that seesaw was a thing where you ride it for five minutes and it generates enough electricity to make a snocone! so the boy and i did it. it was much harder than it looked!

i can’t really think of what else happened that day. i had been looking for a slouchy hat when i was there cause i was afraid of my head getting burnt it wasn’t so hot but still. i never found one until we went to the main stage area! we should have gone there earlier! it was a gold mine over there! the lead singer of weezer was crazy he was climbing up on porta potties and the stage and everything! it was super crazy but i loved it. i just wished my friend colin had been able to come that was so sad.

it was so worth it to go. it was amazing!

here is a video of weezer that someone else uploaded:

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