yippy skippy!

so wednesday came and i was talking with teh boy and mom comes in shes on the phone and wanted to know if i wanted to go get my car the next day! and i said uhhh yeah! it was amazing. and thank goodness it costed less than i had in my head!.

i had tried to watch callie that day but it didn’t work so i got paid 25 bucks for only being there 40 minutes so i fixed the boys jeans. i was so stoked i did it all right on the first try! i was really proud of myself it was a super amazing accomplishment. then i got news of my car. so that was good.

then on thursday it was here when i got home it was weird. haha. friday my parents and brother left to wenatchee for my great aunts funeral. i picked up the boy at work. and i don’t know what we did i think we played lego batman. we did something just can’t really remember what. haha that was so far away now i guess.

saturday i went to watch the dogs at grannys house. first off my dog was nuts. so that wasn’t working so well. then when i got to grandmas the puppy was nuts and the other dog downstairs was barking so lilly just didn’t want any part of it at all she kept whining and barking. so i left boy at grannys then i took lilly home. afterwards it was all good and fine. i tried to get out of there asap when everyone got there. just cause i didn’t want to listen to drama. then boy and i played lego batman haha.

uh sunday i got jam from my friend tracy i was stoked and then the boy and i sorta had a spat but its not important. we talked to his roommate a bit. we went grocery shopping i had to fix his washing machine. then i went home early to read my book and he had homework

 uhhh monday i  dont’ remember what happened but yesterday i got the phone call from a lady so i am officially watching her little girl i’m so excited. wait i got that call on monday and she called yesterday to have me watch her today. so that was good. it went really well! i’m excited about it.

i am just stressing about some stuff and i need to not be stressing about it. and i miss the boy but on sunday we’re going to bumbershoot! we’re gonna see weezer and horse feathers! i am so excited. and i get my hair cut tomorrow which is also exciting cause i’m WAY overdue its driving me so crazy. that is all i have for now. well hold on there

i have to say i love reading and getting books for free is great especially when i can just review thing oh man i may be obsessed with such programs cause its SO great! i love it.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you talked to me on Saturday and how awesome that was and how I got put in Justin's pocket and was forgotten about. =O


    Lovey youuu. <3

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