i found my escape

things are still sorta mehish but i mean it is what it is. my mom had finally called my grandma cause shes tired of the tension. but its still there and grandma still hasn’t called on her own will. she did call today to leave a message about the estate sale. not that it matters she had such an attitude. i don’t care about the estate sale. why would i? i don’t care about the money i don’t get it anyways.  i dunno i just will never understand her. and why she always has to say things with such an attitude. apparently shes on the “black list” with most of the family and  she figures if she doesn’t talk she can’t get in trouble. she has also said something about donating all her stuff to red cross so no one can fight over it when shes gone. but shes the only one that was fighting over the stuff. who knows what is wrong with her. oi. it gives me a headache.

haven’t done anything with the pictures yet which is probably better. cause its so stressful. one thing at a time. and my mom and i have been getting so full of anxiety lately with all of that its better to just step back and not do it at the moment. its almost too much to handle.

that said i’ve been doing a lot better. and the boy and i have been fighting so much less. we’ve had a really good week i think. we went on adventures to the fremont market. we went to brickcon which is a lego expo basically. went to pike place market and took  a lot of pictures. on wednesday after i was off. we went adventuring again! we are so into photography right now. i just got a digital slr and so i have been playing around with it. i don’t know much about any of it right now but i like to take pictures and that click when you take a picture is SO satisfying haha. i’m such an idiot but i love it.

i got to read again, which is good cause i need that as an escape sometimes. it calms me. plus i have a HUGE pile of review books. oh boy but this oen i started yesterday i’m whipping through. its so amazing. i also have a lot of review posts to write. but again life has been insane. i feel like i have had no time at allt his week. which is true. this and last week were busy for watching the kids. i think next week will be like that too. which is good cause its money but its also exhausting. yesterday i almost fell asleep. true one was napping but still boy i was so exhausted. but its a fun job. so i guess i can’t complain. callies new phrase is “oh that is so CUTE!” and she said “for goodness sake amy” the other day haha the kid cracks me up. 2 year olds are so fun.

also went to church sunday and it wasn’t bad. i actually feel a lot bettr about things now. they are changing but in a better way and its good cause the person i was super apprehensive about running things isn’t running it anymore.

also the boy needs prayer we need to find him a job asap money is running out and unemployment is being a goober cause the slimy boss of his is disputing his claim and ugh its just a huge mess. and i’m stressed but at least we aren’t fighting.

anyways i should go write my other entries and go through my millions of pictures i took. goood times.

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