in the mail..

i LOVE to get mail i mean who doesn’t? right?! i love the smell of new books of opening the packages. and i dunno there is just something about it that is so happy!  so here is what i’ve gotten in the mail recently. well i have gotten books but those are not what i’m gonna show you.

from CSN Stores i received this:

and i have to say it is SO pretty. its a little darker in person. that picture is kind of light. but it is beautiful. it is the perfect size. and boy shipping was SO fast i swear i got it in two days so that was amazing. i love the bright colors of it. and it also has snaps on the sides so it can be smaller or bigger. has a pretty big zip pocket in the inside which is great for little things like cell phone and chapstick. all in all its amazing and i love it! CSN has such a great selection for purses maybe too good of a selection cause some of them are pretty spendy. this one is super affordable and it is just awesome all around.

another thing i got was some post cards from they are so cute. i made them as thank you cards and i’ll be excited to use them. thank you christina for contacting me!  i wish i could show and image of what they look like. but i’m lazy and don’t want to take a picture. but they have such cute cards there. you can get greeting cards or postcards. even upload a picture and make your own!

next thing i got in the mail was a camera bag! i bought this and its amazing :

its SO nice i love it. its from i had wanted a different one. one that was patterned i had found a polka dot one cause i’m crazy like that but i just couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. so my dad looked around. i didn’t want a black one for one thing my dogs hair would get all over that in a second and it would look disgusting. but i wanted a bright color. so i found this and i LOVE it. i got it yesterday and i have to say it was darker than i thought. but i love it a lot. i can’t wait to put my dslr into it. and carry it around for picture taking opportunities! yay! so that is what i’ve gotten in the mail lately. hope you enjoy it!

14 thoughts on “in the mail..

  1. The purse is really cute!

    It's so hard to find a decent camera bag. Some are so bulky! Too bad you couldn't get the polka dot one, I think it would have fit your personality well. 🙂

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