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Book Review – She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

She Walks in Beauty 
next book off the pile of never ending books (hooray! no seriously i love boooks) is She walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell. i really thought i wasn’t gonna enjoy this book at all. it kinda looked and sounded super boring but i was gonna at least try to read it. it did take a long time to read it but it was actually pretty good and drew me in. this is in the era of debuting a daughter to get married off basically. the whole thing is kinda weird. the dances and whatever. i just find that odd. but it wasn’t a bad book it ended sorta weird for me. but i guess it was good. not my favorite book thats for sure but i got through it. 
thanks to bethany house for providing this for me to review. i wasn’t compensated in anyway.

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