happy thanksgiving?

i dunno I’m not too big on holidays mostly cause they normally suck. this year is weird. my grandma decided she was gonna have thanksgiving but the thing is i doubt anyone is coming and she didn’t even invite my cousin. ugh these people. they are all so messed up.

but we’re not going I’m going to a friend from church house. i was stoked she invited the boy and i so we are going. my family is having our thanksgiving on Saturday with family friends and my cousin and her boys.  so that’s that. but its also been snowy and icy and crazy. hopefully it will be fine. its warmed up a bit.

its gonna be weird i dunno the whole thing sucks. but i guess i wasn’t close to the family at all anyways. but i have the boy and that’s good and my immediate family is great. so i am blessed that way not much more i can ask for i guess. well a bit of energy would be good! i don’t have any right now and i need to go finish baking cookies.

i dunno what else is going on. I’m making the boy a Christmas stocking its starting to be pretty good its granny squares I’m loving it! anyways i guess i should go cause i can’t remember what i was gonna write about anyways. haha.

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